06 February 2012

Obligatory Nevada Caucus Post

Romney won, but did not get more than 50% of the vote, which surprises me.  Ron Paul finished a disappointing third, but received an encouraging 18.6% of the vote. Gingrich was second and Rick “Santorum” Santorum was fourth.

Romney should win the nomination, unless he completely falls apart or say something racist, like how he doesn’t care about poor people.  Ron Paul still has a shot at influencing the election ,but will not get the nomination , thankfully enough.  Gingrich still has a shot at winning, though it’s a rather long one at this point.  Santorum’s continued presence makes me think he’s angling for a cabinet position at this point.

At this point, the Republican nomination process looks to be pretty straightforward:  Romney will be the nominee, and he’ll likely have to placate either Gingrich or Santorum with a cabinet post.  The GOP bosses will find a way to mishandle the Ron Paul situation, which will then blow up in their face.  Come November, Romney will lose to Obama.  Hopefully it will be entertaining in the interim.

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