06 February 2012

Obligatory Super Bowl Post

I didn’t watch any of the game, seeing as how my preferred outcome—both teams losing—was technically impossible.  The next best scenario was a Giants win, which was exactly what happened.  I don’t know how it happened, I don’t know any of the thrilling highlights, and I don’t know which, if any, commercials were funny.  I did get some homework done in the peace and quiet of an empty house, which was nice.

Also, there was another halftime incident this year.  M.I.A. apparently shocked the Naptown crowd by flipping them off.  (I’m so shocked—I’ve never heard of women behaving crudely in public before!)  I guess this incident, coupled with Janet Jackson’s pap flap from a couple years ago just serves as evidence that the NFL should never invite women to perform the Super Bowl halftime show.  They just can’t be trusted to comport themselves with a modicum of decency.

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