17 February 2012

The Saga Continues

Public fury over Chris Brown's recent Grammy appearance and his apparent lack of remorse over beating ex-girlfriend Rihanna is rooted, at least in part, in the fact that his career not only has survived but thrived in recent years. Whether on his own songs or as a guest on other artists' tracks, Brown is the closest thing to a sure thing on urban radio right now. Now even Rihanna is looking to exploit Brown's commercial clout—the troubled couple is set to make a musical reunion on Rihanna's forthcoming single, "Birthday Cake (Remix)." Apparently Brown will sing on one verse and rap on another, and presumably promise not to beat anybody in exchange for sexual favors. In addition to this collaboration, Brown reportedly attended Rihanna's birthday party recently. "Birthday Cake (Remix)" is expected to be released next week.

It appears that Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown.  And if Rihanna has already forgiven Chris Brown for his mistreatment of her, why shouldn’t everyone else?

But, more to the point, this ongoing story should serve as evidence that there are actually some women who like violent thugs.  There’s probably not a lot that can be done to change this.  As such, the best thing to do is simply let those women have their rough-love thugs and leave them be.

Incidentally, if “society” doesn’t want men to act like thugs, it would be more effective to shame the sluts that willingly have sex them than to shame the thugs themselves.  After all, why would any thug care what society thinks of him as long as he’s getting laid regularly? Conversely, why would any man act like a thug if he could never get laid as a result?  Thus, if society wants men to stop beating the crap out of women (and other assorted thuggery), the best course of action would be to shame the whores women who sleep with said thugs.


  1. Something else about the Chris Brown story bothers me, and it's coming from black women/the black community in general: they are more or less venerating him as a role model who paid his debt and made nice with his lady. I read a report of how he beat Rihanna, can't find it right now but will send it along, or just google for it. It was pretty brutal. He tried to push her out of the car, punched her, made her bleed all over his car and her clothes, and a host of other brutalities.

    If she has made nice and gets beaten again, she gets what she deserves. But note how instantly his violence was overlooked. It's almost like...like...like black guys are expected to be brutally violent, and everyone is just supposed to be OK with that.

    Black women who tweeted messages like "I don't care if Chris Brown hits me as long as he kisses it afterwards." Am I just imagining the very low expectations of these women?

  2. @Cranberry- maybe it's not low expectations, but just that they're attracted to danger and violence. Also, if a man's alpha enough, women will forgive any and all his faults. I think that is what is happening with Chris Brown.