08 February 2012

With Liberty and Justice for All

A US couple and their son are fighting for custody of a baby born to a woman charged with sexually abusing their son, who was 15 at the time of conception.
A paternity test shows that the teen is the father of the baby born April 7 to Jane C. Crane, who was 19 when she became pregnant. Now, a judge has ordered him to pay $50 a month in child support and set visitation at seven hours a week.
Crane, meanwhile, faces criminal charges. A Fairfield County grand jury indicted her last month on two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony. Conviction carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison and a requirement to register as a sex offender for 25 years.
First off, it should be obvious that the US legal system is complete garbage, at least when it comes to regulating sexual interaction.  A 19-year-old should not be punished for having consensual sex a 15-year-old, regardless of the gender of the minor.  It’s biologically normal for older teenagers to have sex with each other.  There’s nothing magical about waiting until one is eighteen to have sex.
Second off, it should be noted that women are conniving bitches that are sometimes too clever by half.  This chick is asking her (statutory) rape victim to pay child support?  If she wanted child support, she should have put a ring on it first.  As such, she forced the guy to play his hand when she decided to sue for child support, and his rational response would be to have her prosecuted for rape.  So, is being a registered sex offender worth $50 per month, plus potential jail time?

It is amusing, though, to see the legal system contorted in this way.  When you have immoral statutory rape laws come up against immoral child support laws, it is certainly interesting to see the courts contort into a position where a rape victim ends up paying his rapist child support.  But such is the bizarre world known as the United States’ legal system.

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