07 March 2012

Beware Self-Selection

PRCalDude, in the comments on this post:

Game theorists spend so much time blogging about it and going back-and-forth with one-another in the comments you can tell they'll never overcome their mental hang-ups to truly be alpha. Alpha-male status is not a thing that requires conscious effort.


The guys on these blogs commenting back-an-forth endlessly are never going to get it because they have major character flaws (like pathological narcissim) that prevent them from learning it.
If you ask me, most of the comments of men on a lot of these game blogs come from absolute lunatics who are trying to revenge-fvck women to make up for past slights they've received from the female gender.

There is a bit of truth to this.  There do indeed appear to be some pathological men that frequent Game sites and blogs, and they do spend a lot of time discussing minutiae in an effort to overcome their mental hang-ups.  However, the comments section of Game blogs do not tell the whole story.

Allow me to project:  I’ve had over 100k pageviews, coupled with roughly 1000 comments, for a comment rate of 1% (i.e. 1 in every 100 readers leaves a comment).  I’m guessing this is a bit low, relatively speaking, in part because I have a rather tough comments policy, and in part because I restrict commenting on the blog (e.g. I prohibited anonymous commenting).  Let us assume, then, that the average comment rate for a Game blog is 3%, which is to say that 3 in every 100 blog visitors leaves a blog comment.  If this is the case, then it is a mistake to judge the general practitioners of Game based on the behavior of a small number of readers represented in the comments section.

In the first place, the readers that are almost put together, in terms of Game, are not going to spend a lot of time writing comments because they will be too busy having sex with women.  They just need to make a few minor adjustments to how they behave, comport themselves, stand, talk, interact, dress, etc.  They have a large number of things going for them; they simply need to make a few minor improvements in a couple of areas and they’ll be fine.  These are greater betas/lesser alphas.  They aren’t pathologically driven to revenge-rape women, nor do they have any mental hang-ups.  They’re simply guys who need to make a couple of adjustments.

In the second place, there are also some readers who can read about Game and grasp the concepts behind it without having to discuss it in a great level of detail.  These men likewise have no need to light up the comments section because they have nothing they need to say or ask.

Finally, in the third place, there are some readers who show up late to the party, and then realize that their question has already been asked and answered in the comments, and so they don’t feel the need to compulsively ask questions in order to feel some sense of self-aggrandizement.  Quite simply, these men are able to learn from the examples of others, and so they remain quiet.

The conclusion to be drawn from this is that Game can, in fact, provide quite a bit of unacknowledged help to a large number of men.  They may be silent; they may refrain from posting on a blog or in the comments section, but they are there nonetheless.  These men should not be ignored or discounted simply because a couple of blowhards engage in an endless circle jerk about the best ways to score women.  And while there are many things that can be quite annoying about Game, and more especially about the bloggers who write about it, it is a mistake to dismiss it out of hand because its most vocal proponents happen to be jackasses.  For every braying fool that brags about all the women he’s slept with and how he’s a manipulative jerk, there are likely five men quietly taking the principles behind the actions and improving their marriages.  And that’s why Game and its theorists are still important.


  1. I think you are vastly overestimating the number of comments; I'd guess 0.5%.

    Keep in mind, you cover religion quite often; something that everybody wants to argue with. Game? It's sort of like engineering. I feel no compulsion to comment on an engineering blog, I simply study the ideas and move on.

  2. @Aurini- A more accurate comment rate for my blog would be .63%, if I exclude my own comments. I have no idea how closely this tracks to average.

    I intentionally overestimated the comment rate simply to demonstrate how small a sample comment sections are, relative to readership. Once you take self-selection bias into account, it should be obvious that generalizing practitioners of Game based on the comments section of a blog is a bad idea.