01 March 2012

The Golden Rule

Ever since I’ve begun reading Feministing on a daily basis, I’ve begun to get the feeling that the whole site is one giant prank, wherein someone adopts the persona of a young feminist and says nonsensical things in a deliberate attempt to troll people.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Republican supporters are saying it isn’t that big a deal–that it’s just the same conscious protections that have always been in place. In fact, allowing even non-religious employers to refuse to cover any services they want is a radical new move. Any employer–even a Taco Bell–could deny their employees coverage of key preventive services that are guaranteed to everyone else under health care reform on the basis of their own personal “morals.”

I’m not sure how else to say this, but employers pretty much have the right to offer their employees any compensation they want.  If an employer so chose, he or she could offer cash in lieu of health insurance (the current income tax code disincenitvizes this sort of behavior, but it is perfectly legal).  In fact, no employer is mandated to provide insurance to any of its employees.  Thus, if an employer wants to offer insurance, it can place whatever restrictions or limits it desires and—here’s the important part—if employees dislike the benefits offer, they can go work somewhere else.  Workers are not forced into their jobs, nor do they *have* to accept an employer’s compensation offer.  If they don’t like it, they can decline it and work elsewhere.  Remember the golden rule:  whoever has the gold makes the rules.  You can take them or leave them.


  1. I believe that under obamacare, employers with more than 50 workers will indeed be required to provide health care. But "provision" is a little murkey. They can offer a group plan where the employee pays all or part of the premium and that would be "providing" it. people at Taco Bell might find themselves as slave laborers whose entire pay gets deducted to pay their health care. Good deal if you are one of those people with permanent expensive pre-existing conditions. Not so good if you are a young healthy male.

  2. Ever since I’ve begun reading Feministing on a daily basis

    Heaven help you; you are stronger than I am.

    The idea that we have choice seldom occurs to liberals/feminists, etc, until it comes to birth control or abortion.

  3. @Prof. Hale- Even with that, though, the employer gets to choose the details of the plan, and so, again, people can take or leave the offer depending on what they want. My general opinion is that, unless you're going to pay for something yourself, you don't have a whole lot of room for complaint if it's not to your specs.

    @Cranberry- It's actually not that bad. Their gossip section serves as a decent replacement for WWTDD, and they usually provide good tipoffs to major news stories. However, their analysis is shallow, putrid, wrongheaded, and comparable to the intellectual output of a retarded five-year-old, which is what I usually find to be annoying.