01 March 2012

Paragraphs to Ponder

We as a nation need to be done with this crap.  Were I President I would tomorrow declare peace, but with a clear warning -- the next time an Islamic terrorist killed just oneAmerican I would level Mecca with a tactical nuclear weapon, rendering that "hallowed ground" impassable for a thousand years.  If it happened again I'd level Medina in exactly the same way, consigning, under these people's beliefs, every single one of them to Hell as they'd be unable to complete their holy obligations -- forever.  And I'd order the military to dip their rounds in pig's blood so that any of these jackals that happened to get a special-delivery present at 3200fps would believe that they, under their own set of beliefs, would be unclean and go straight to eternal Hell if they were shot by them. 
Perhaps that would be sufficient deterrent and perhaps not, but I would never, ever apologize to anyone who responded to speech or the disposal of unwanted simple pieces of paper with violence.
It is time for America as a nation and Americans as people to say "enough, damnit!"  If you want to behave like animals then have at it, but not with our people, not on our land, and not with our help.  Do whatever you want between yourselves -- we'll watch the pretty fireworks from a distance and munch tasty strips of bacon at the same time.
But if you **** with the bull, you're going to get the horns.  Period.  No more "nice" rules of engagement, no more pithy pontification from the West Wing, just one thing will happen in response -- overwhelming and immediate retaliatory force.  We will not initiate force, as that's wrong and indefensible, but we will also not stand for anyone else doing so "in the name of (any) God" -- ever again.

This strikes me as the most reasonable approach to foreign policy.  Don’t initiate violence, but do react with swiftly and completely toward any initiations of violence.  So, while we won’t start any fights, we will certainly end them, and convincingly so.


  1. I've considered this policy on more than once occasion; in fact I sometimes fantasize that this scenario comes to pass. American leaders lack the political will (I should just say "balls") to do this.

    I also think our policy on nations who want the U.S. out of X-country ought to be similar. You want us (or any Western power) out? No problem. We will leave. And we will take any and all material resources we can easily transport with us. All human resources will leave - every one of them: missionaries, teachers, administrators, factory workers and operators, peace keepers, etc. Any material resources or infrastructure which cannot be transported will be bombed or burned to the ground or otherwise rendered unusable by the people who want us out. It is, after all, their country, and their right to build and use it as they see fit, without any remnants of our civilization polluting their glorious coming into power.

  2. @Cranberry- I don't know if I'd be inclined to destroy infrastructure we built, unless we built it at their behest. I figure if we're in another country for some immoral reason (like instigating conflict), we should leave whatever infrastructure we build for the natives as a way of apologizing for our invasion.