16 March 2012

Rules For Thee But Not For Me

Even for official Washington, where elite crimes are tolerated as a matter of course, this level of what appears to be overt criminality — taking large amounts of money from a designated Terrorist group, appearing before its meetings, meeting with its leaders, then advocating on its behalf — is too much to completely overlook.

Salon details this story pretty well, explaining how politicians have accepted money from designated terrorist organizations even though they passed legislation earlier prohibiting any and all transactions with designated terrorists.  This sort of rank hypocrisy is all too common among politicians, who often pass laws that apply to everyone but themselves, as if they are the only ones who can be trusted to act intelligently.  Of course, politicians should be subject to the laws they pass (they are fellow citizens, after all), but they aren’t and they won’t.  In spite of being a nominal democracy, the Unites States has become a de facto aristocracy, and most citizens seem just fine about this.  The people truly have the government they deserve.

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