23 March 2012

Vox Was Right

Quote Vox:
It's not as if she's the only one. Pretty much all the younger generation of top models are all under thirty and either married or getting married. Marissa Miller, Adriana Lima, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, and Alessandra Ambrosio are all demonstrating that there is a more satisfactory path than the conventional college, office, settle-after-thirty, one-child, struggle-with-debt plan that most parents recommend to their children.
And to those who point out that these young women are all very wealthy, I would merely point out that they can do anything they want... and what they want to do is not get a PhD or become an astronaut, but get married and have children. They're clearly not "putting their careers first", in fact, they're quite often putting their careers on hold in order to have their children.
Adriana Lima is pregnant again, which suggests that Vox may actually be on to something.

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