20 March 2012

Wise As Serpents

From WaPo:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider a request by Christian groups on a college campus to allow them to limit membership based on religious beliefs.
Justice turned back a legal effort by a Christian fraternity and sorority at San Diego State University that challenged an anti-discrimination policy at California state universities.
The lawsuit filed in 2005 said the plaintiffs should be allowed to insist members follow their religious standards of conduct and avoid sex outside of marriage between a man and woman.
Susan Westover, head of the California State University system’s litigation unit, welcomed the Supreme Court decision,
“We don’t want our students to discriminate, just like we don’t want our employees to discriminate,” she said.

Christians need to take a page from Saul Alinksy’s book and use the rules to their advantage.  The first step for Christians to take is to disband their college groups to ensure that not one ungodly anti-religionist can join. This is known as taking one step back.

The second step is to join every single leftist, anti-God group that the college has to offer.  After all, students can’t discriminate against any potential member.  They need to get as many fellow Christians to join until they have a sizeable majority, so that way they can take control of the leadership of the various groups for themselves.  Then they need to shout their religion as loud as they can, particularly when it runs counter to the stated goals of the groups they now control.

For example, they should make the biblical injunctions against homosexual behavior the official policy of any and all campus gay groups. Alternatively, they should make the biblical command of wifely submission the official policy of all campus feminists groups.  This is known as taking two steps forward.

If college administrators want to pull this anti-discrimination bullshit, Christians should unite and shove it right back in their faces.  If school administrators want Christians to play by these rules, so be it.  We can still win.


  1. Good ideas; yet, there are two sets of books: one for the Christians and one for the leftists; once the administration catches on, the second set will be applied. The Supremes applied the second set in turning away the case.

    This should be a lesson for all Christians: if you take money from the government or list your church as a 501c(3), you are part of the government.

  2. @njartist- There is only one book for Christians: the Bible. Everything else is just noise. If the government wants to outlaw Christianity, make them be honest about it. If the government wants to push a nonsensical view of postivist rights, make them regret it. Just because the government tries to come up with a set of rules that subtly works against Christians doesn't mean they have to take it lying down.