29 April 2012

I'm Back!

I’ve been pretty busy with work the past couple of weeks, which is why my posting has been sporadic.  I’ll be trying to catch up on my backlog of writing projects, which will likely lead to stretches of several posts a day followed by stretches of nothing.  Since the internet hangs on to my every word, I thought I’d give it a heads up.

I’ve also been pretty preoccupied with music for the last three weeks.  In particular, I’ve been obsessed with playing guitar and writing songs.  This has led to me writing, among other things, a hymn called “All Ye Blest Creation,” which is available for free at Scribd.

I’ve also updated the blogroll to include Captain Capitalism (which is a cool moniker) and Michael Hall.  I would also like to remind everyone of Victor Delmente’s blog.  If you haven’t bookmarked them or added them to your RSS feed manager, you should.  Also, check out Incendiary Insight, written by DW.  It’s a good blog, as evidenced by this post, among others.

And now back to our regular posting.

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