18 April 2012

Women Are More Moral Than Men

That’s what science says:

The study, which measured responses to questions about honesty and competency, showed females are more likely to make decisions based on how they impact on others.

The more correct way to phrase the results of the study is that women are more susceptible to peer pressure, which ain’t exactly the stuff great religions are made of.


  1. I remember a similar "study" of dogs that said females are more intelligent than males. The truth was that they are more obedient.

    Not. The. Same. Thing.

  2. @Zorro- Science can be pretty stupid about definitions sometimes. Good thing it's self-correcting.

  3. Lol!

    Women get into less accidents therefore they are superior drivers to men!! bwahaha lets not consider reaction time, dexterity, actual skill, ability to swerve lanes/indicate.. simply "less accidents"

    Women don't know a damn thing about principle. They will cluck about male criminals but morality is a very difficult question to answer. My response? Men have a stronger sense of honor and right and wrong from their ability to superiorly abstract. Women won't do sh!t underneath other people's eyes but they'll do stuff they are caught with. Men are more concerned about justice and fairness though.. thought this was common knowledge.

    Proof. Anecdotas and observations over a good 3 decades now.

    Gonna have to boil down and get some quantities.

  4. @Anon.- Getting the right definition is crucial. Women aren't necessarily "better" drivers, in a technical sense; they may simply be more risk-averse.