14 May 2012

Fuck the GOP

It’s time for the anti-democracy, anti-rule-of-law party of corruption to simply die:

Skipping ahead several hours to when we broke out into congressional districts - no lunch, no access to outside for smokers, entrances to the area guarded by police officers to supposedly keep us from sneaking into other CDs to vote in their caucuses. The county chair had to make a list of delegates which would be checked against a master delegate list. She picked up the ballots for us, handed them out, and picked them up again to turn in after voting. On the first ballot, I noticed a couple concerns. First, there was an asterisk at the bottom of the page noting "This person is endorsed by the Romney campaign" The first name on the list was the one with the asterisk. When I looked closer, the first name should have alphabetically been second. I took a picture with my phone before turning in the ballot and brought it to the attention of the man in charge.
At first he tried to tell me the endorsement was something that they always did, and that Romney won the primary anyway. I told him that Romney was not on the ballot. The delegates were here to make the decisions about who would represent our congressional district and that electioneering was disenfranchising to the other candidates on the ballot. He had no explanation for the out of order name. We contacted the GOP attorney, Lee Miller, who came to the area to try explaining to my why this was okay. Even he did not know why the Romney name was at the top of the list. (By the way, every ballot at the convention followed this pattern - endorsement at the bottom, and the Romney slate as the beginning of the ballot with all remaining names in alphabetical order.) [Emphasis added.]

Fortunately, the story does not end with the Romney-endorsed candidate winning.  Nonetheless, it is still despicable that the GOP party bosses are trying to ignore and disobey their own rules in order to ensure that their preferred candidate wins the eventual nomination.

Now, it’s not necessarily a problem that the GOP party bosses want Romney to get the nomination.  Furthermore, since it is their party, they are certainly well within their rights to select Romney as the presidential candidate fellator of banksters.

However, it is simply insulting for the GOP to pretend that rules, or even democracy, matters anymore.  If the GOP wants to continue to encourage the fraud perpetrated on the united states at the hands of Wall Street banksters and their cronies in the Federal Reserve Bank, they can certainly do so.  And while they’re at it, they can stop with the charade that they care about what the people they claim to represent actually want.

Quite simply, the GOP leaders are disingenuous snakes who only care about getting yet another establishment candidate on the ballot, contra to the will of their own party members.  The party bosses will find some way to nominate Romney, and Romney, if elected, will simply continue to expand state power in order to enrich the banksters and their cronies.  Republican leaders—including Romney—are all liars and frauds, and are as responsible as the other faction of the modern banking party for the collapse that the united states will eventually face.  As such, it is time to stop turning to the GOP for salvation.  It is time to stop pretending that the GOP actually offers voters a choice.

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