11 May 2012

The Woman Strike and Sour Grapes

The woman strike crowd has intrigued me for a while, what with some men basically swearing off relationships with women and encouraging other men to do the same.  As this article indicates, concern over the reliability of the modern woman is not exactly new (paging King Solomon), and the call for hesitancy in regards to entering into a marriage/LTR will probably have the same effect today as it did then.  I suspect that the main reason why any call for a woman strike will be doomed to failure is due to two factors:  men want to have sex, and most of the men who will go on strike do not likely have a very high sexual market value.

The first is very obvious, as men, being in possession of that great building block of life and motivator of emperors—testosterone—have a very powerful biological drive to pass on their genes, which generally requires finding a woman with whom to have sex.  Men are not generally able to ignore this urge, though they can, generally with the help of lotion and porn, avoid going to actual human women in the attempt to satiate their desire for sexual release.  Thus, most men will spend a good portion of their time trying to get into the pants and/or skirts of various females, even if said females are untrustworthy, conniving bitches.  Lust trumps logic.

The second reason is more telling. Aside from a few precious anonymous internet commenters who will undoubtedly descend to the comments section of this post to disprove the assertions of this sentence’s second clause, I doubt that there are any men who turned down marriage proposals from women because said men were on a woman strike.  Stated another way, alphas who can pull submissive hotties are not the ones going on a marriage strike.  Rather, it is the lower betas—either the ones who were at one point married to ugly, contentious hellcats or those whose market value was so low they couldn’t even get the attention of even the ugliest, most contentious hellcats—who are calling for a strike.  This is akin to the currently unemployed forming a union and then refusing to work until their demands are met.

I say this not to belittle the men who have made the logical decision to forego women.  If your market value is low, you are likely going to be screwed.  And not in the pleasurable way, I might add.  And if you’re likely going to be screwed, why take the risk?  But what those who are calling for a marriage strike need to understand is that it is as logical for a high-value alpha, or even a mid-value beta, to continue to stay in the market as it is for low-value betas to leave it.  Put another way, it is logical to avoid women only if there is a strong chance that being with a women will lead to heartbreak and poverty.  Some men will find that the odds of getting ruined by a woman are rather high; others will find that they are low.  The former should therefore avoid women and the latter should seek to encounter them.

At the end of the day, men are not equal, and all men’s prospects are different.  It stands to reason that their course of action will differ as well.  Therefore, those who call for a strike against women would do well to remember that the logical action for a single member of a set, or even a majority, is not necessarily logical for all members of that set.  And those who call for strike against women, then, should not be surprised when such a strike fails.

* The woman strike crowd consists mostly of those men who advocate, essentially a life of celibacy, wherein one swears off relationships with women.  There are multiple senses to this definition; some may take it to mean that one never pursues or otherwise tries to attract and bed women, others may simply mean that one never enters into the legal institution of marriage.  The general thrust is that women are to be, by and large, avoided.


  1. I am a member of the marriage strike. I'm 26 annd successful earning 6 figures and dating a former model. I am not swearing off sex but I sure as shit am not risking marriage. When I talk to women about how I will never get married they look at me like a slave escaping the plantation. Then they try to convince me of the benefits of marriage. They know shit has hit the fan when good looking successful guys have no interest in marriage.

  2. Got married, became beta, got separated, split assets under the shadow of the law, ready for divorce.

    Since then, i've worked my ass off to become back on track financially, healed mentally and emotionally, and worked out to build up my body, change my frame, attitude, posture, body language, etc..

    Women still try to convince me to 'never say never', to not rest everything on my 'one bad experience'.

    To them i say, a child who touches a stove after already being burned by it once is a child that does not learn and will eventually have that hand amputated due to continual burn trauma. In other words a very stupid child.

    I am not a very stupid child.

    I am not a silly beta shmuck anymore.

    I will not get married again. EVER.

  3. The premise of this post is that more attractive men are less likely to get divorced.

    From casual observation I'd say that it makes no difference; what seems to matter is the background and virginity of the bride - many of my immigrant friends who married women from their home countries stay married (even the ugly men), while it seems that those who marry American women are already divorced or living in high-conflict marriage-hell (even the handsome ones).

    Regardless, I am pulling more than my fair share of "hotties" and have no plans on getting married under the current legal regime. I have seen what happened to my friends - yes, even the handsome ones got destroyed just the same!

  4. What "MRA" said. Women aren't facing a *man* shortage, they are facing a *husband* shortage.

  5. Eastern European Guy13 May, 2012 17:43

    (Sorry for my English)

    @Simon, you are not wrong but not right either. I think that you missed the point. IMHO "women strike" doesn't mean the refusal to date women, but the refusal to work hard for dating women. The refusal to pay the requested price.

    Yes, some (or maybe most) of those men will say the grapes are sour, and give up. Do you really think that this doesn't affect the society?

    Let's see: will they still rush to buy that shiny new car to impress "the ladies"? Will they still work overtime to just have more money to spend on gifts "for the ladies"? Will they still sign that 200 year mortage on a house with 50 bedrooms? Will they ever pay for life insurance? Will they ever volunteer for a neighbourhood watch program? And then consider the fact that the entire welfare system is basically a transfer of resources from men to women...

    Alpahs can pull the hotties alright, but someone still needs to pay the taxes. Someone still has to pay for Ms. Fluke's birth control :) The "woman strike" isn't like the unemployed forming a union, but more like men ripping the propaganda and refusing to go to war.

    She: Young man, go to war, and I might have sex with you when you will be back.
    He: No thanks. I'm enjoying my XBOX.

    This doesn't mean that the guy is refusing sex. It's only about the price.

    Yes, TODAY this doesn't directly affect the women at all. But wait until Daddy Government runs out of money. IMHO this will happend when the babyboomers will retire en-masse.

    PS: comparing the past with the present is a mistake. One century ago, the young men didn't have instant worldwide communication at their fingertips!

  6. Hmm, another entry relevant to my interests :) Not to be snarky or sarcastic, but I think the Eastern European fellow and the posters above raise a couple of good points not addressed in the OP. You're absolutely right in saying that men want sex (enough to blind our good sense at times), but marriage is no longer the only way to get a lot of sex, or to get sex reliably. It may make sense for some alphas, as you say, but the thing about alphas is that they're attractive to a lot of women. Why would any alpha male get married if he can bang a lot of women (something he wouldn't be able to do in a monogamous marriage)?

    Even for less successful guys, there are alternatives. Like we discussed in a previous post, sexbots and stuff probably wouldn't be a magic bullet, but you have to admit, with the quality and amount of porn even today, being a sexless beta or even omega isn't as bad as it used to be. Back before the rise of the Internet people had to do with dirty magazines at best. Nowadays, though, there's enough stuff on the Internet to give a 'frustrated virgin' a degree of relief from his plight.

    Now, if the alpha wants kids he might have to get married, and porn isn't as good as the real thing, at least not yet, but doesn't it seem as if marriage in general is simply less attractive/confers less benefits than it used to?

  7. @MRA- How many marriage proposals have you turned down?

    @M3- How many marriage proposals have you turned down?

    @Anonymous- the premise of this post is that a meaningful woman strike will never occur because men have a biological drive to have sex with women. Alphas will always get women, and women will always be haaaaaaaaapppppppy with alphas. That betas don't want part of the market is irrelevant to it operations, save insofar as shifting market power to that which has relative demand on its side.

    However, it is highly unlikely for all or even most betas to drop out of the sexual marketplace because men want to have sex with women!

    @Paul M- perhaps in the legal sense. LTRs seem to be more common, and basically feature all the benefits of a legal marriage with considerably lower risk. However, there will always be men willing to take care of women and their needs because men want to have sex with women.

    @EEG- Please reread my qualifier at the end of my initial post. I made it clear that a woman strike (which is different from a marital contract strike) covers a range of attitudes, most of which are concerned with reducing one's interactions with females. This general aim will generally fail because, in general, men want to have sex with women.

    PS- Why is it relevant that the internet didn't exist 100 years ago? The general themes of the man-o-sphere were present back then (cf. the link to LGR's site, this book review, etc.). In general, those men who wanted to know the truth about women could find it if they looked for it. The same as today. The speed of information transference is irrelevant if one is not looking for the truth, for one will never find what one does not seek. Now, might it have been more difficult for men back then to find the truth about women? Yes, but that does not mean it was impossible.

    @Hurpadurp- my post was not limited to the marriage strike; see above. I intended to include not only those who are part of the marriage strike, but so-called MGTOWs. Note that even with porn, men still need to engage with women (in the sense of viewing digital representations of their naked, writhing bodies). This is true to some extent with sexbots, whose purpose is to replicate female sexuality (though I'd imagine that some sexbots would be built to satisfy the niche market, as it were, of introverted gays).

    Also, understand that, by definitions, alphas don't get divorced because they are always sufficiently attractive to women to ensure their loyalty. As such, divorce laws simply do not apply to alphas because alphas never get divorced (this is a tautology).

  8. Matt Strictland18 May, 2012 20:00

    A marriage strike is not about "no sex" but about not forming traditional families. That seems to be happening like everywhere.

    Note also the MRM is not limited to the US. Its part of pretty much the entire developed world.

    Given birth rates and such seems to me that marriage and child rearing are on hold all over the place.

    Heck in Japan men aren't even having sex if the grass-eater stories are to be believed.

    even in the US Birth rates are down to the lowest since the Great Depression and yes even among Hispanics.


    While the cause may not be entirely MRM driven, the effects are the same.
    Less family formation, less babies and less marriages. So yeah, there is a strike.

  9. @Matt- please reread the article. My assertion was in regards to a general woman strike, not a legal marriage strike. The two are not the same. Also, birth rates are generally irrelevant to the discussion at hand since it is concerned with men's desire to have sex with women. One can have sex without procreating, given the many types of contraception that exist and their generally widespread availability.

    Also, do you really think that most nubile Japanese women do not have access to sex? Of course not. They're just getting from alphas and maybe the occasional mid-value beta. The Japanese men that aren't getting laid are the ones with lower SMV.

    1. what's the point of your article you sound like you're just talking shit about men who aren't alphas. nobody cares about japanese skanks, they can do whatever they want, and they can also raise their kids alone once the safety bubble pops and they find themselves having to fend for themselves in a world that doesn't cater to them, all the while having no means of which to take care of themselves let alone their children. the alphas will not take care of them, the betas will not take care of them. the alphas and betas will be able to take care of themselves for the most part, and neither will allow freeloading women in their lives.

      i'm inclined to agree with you that men will always be the losers when it comes to women, but one can always hope that women have their great fall and learn their place in the world.