11 May 2012

The Wrong Enemy

The poster, which features a slightly demonic looking Father Christmas looming over a small boy, is part of the art student's campaign to put an end to the commercialisation of Christmas and to launch an attack on the advertising industry's targeting of children. "Santa gives more to rich kids than poor kids," declares the poster, which will be on Glasgow's Balmore Road.
"Santa Claus is a lie that teaches kids that products will make them happy. Before they're old enough to think for themselves, the story of Santa has already got them hooked on consumerism. I think that's more immoral than this billboard," said Mr Cullen, who spent four years studying advertising before becoming disenchanted with the industry and switching to Glasgow School of Art's environmental art course.
He said he was launching his campaign now so people would give it proper consideration and it would not get "jumbled up with the Christmas spirit" of December.

Yes, it’s Santa Claus that gets kids hooked on materialism, not their shallow, materialistic, hedonistic, aspiritual parents who are strongly encouraged by the banksters to go into debt to buy shiny toy after shiny toy for themselves and their children.  Yeah, Santa Claus is the bad guy in this story.

While I’m certainly against shallow materialism, I don’t think protesting Santa is the key to making it go away.  I’m pretty sure that it would be more effective to protest the central bank that has enacted policies that have indirectly encouraged people to go into debt to buy things they don’t need.  I would also protest a federal government that, at the behest of leftist activists, has attempted to destroy every last public vestige of religion and religious displays while coddling criminals (a trend that has only been reversed in recent years) while simultaneously subsidizing sin through select social safety programs, not to mention academic grants.  I would also blame materialistic preachers and religious leaders for not warning against and guarding for materialism, choosing instead to embrace it whole-heartedly and, in some cases, making a central tenet of their doctrine (I’m looking at you, Joel Osteen, you charlatan).

All of these targets seem more worthy of protest and condemnation than Santa Claus. Of course, protesting these things generates less publicity.  But only a materialistic person would know that.


  1. Santa Claus makes people materialistic. McDonalds makes people fat. Vogue makes girls anorexic.

  2. Coddling criminals... would that include the banks?

  3. @Steve Nioloso- Yes, everyone is at fault for your personal problems except for you.

    @Ingemar- Of course.