06 June 2012

Book Review

The Age of Onanism by Ferdinand Bardamu

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while, and what with In Mala Fide shutting down, I figured now was the time to get this out of the way.  Especially since Ferdinand is pulling his books off Amazon.

Anyhow, Onanism is a very short read, and a cleaned-up version of a blog post bearing the same name.  The book itself mostly serves as a way of giving money to Ferdinand who, let’s be honest, has very much earned it.  The central insight—that we are now living in an age of unparalleled narcissism and self-focus—is spot on.  We truly are in an age of onanism, where relationships exist solely for the participants self-pleasure.

Naturally, the book features FB’s distinctive style, this time mixing stream-of-consciousness narration with insightful, albeit scathing and nihilistic social commentary.  It’s one of Ferd’s more insightful and entertaining essays, and purchasing it is a good way to say goodbye and thanks for all his work.

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  1. So where can I buy this book? It seems to have been deleted of amazon.