14 July 2012

Dishonest Abe

The U.S. military has employed a version of Torquemada’s "water cure" almost from the beginning of the republic. It was used extensively by the Lincoln administration on Northern civilians during the War to Prevent Southern Independence according to historian and Lincoln cultist Mark Neely, Jr. in his book, Fate of Liberty. Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution defines treason as "only levying war upon the States . . ." which of course is exactly what Lincoln’s invasion of the Southern states was. But Lincoln took it upon himself to personally redefine treason as being any criticism of himself, his policies, or the Republican Party. Consequently, hundreds of newspapers in the North were shut down and tens of thousands of Northern civilians were imprisoned without due process (Habeas Corpus having been illegally suspended) under the guise of battling "treason." Lincoln himself even once announced that a man who merely remains silent while his administration’s policies were being discussed was being traitorous. All of the totalitarian communist governments of the twentieth century espoused the same notion and enforced it vigorously.

Neely writes of how Northern state citizens suspected of not being fully supportive of the Lincoln regime were frequently dragged into a gulag without due process and tortured with hoses shoved down their throats until their stomachs sometimes burst. The practice came to light when a British citizen visiting the U.S. was mistakenly arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. British envoy to the U.S., Lord Lyons, learned of it and protested loudly. If it were not for Lord Lyons, the American public might never have learned of the use of "the water cure" by the U.S. Army. Even though such barbaric practices were illegal under U.S. law, Neely wrote of how the Lincoln administration did nothing more than make note of Lord Lyons’ protest and then continued on with the practice for the duration of the war.
It appears that the waterboarding by Bush during the “War on Terror” is actually a longstanding for wartime Republican presidents.  Who knew?

Anyhow, this little episode of history should help to explain why I despise Lincoln as a president, man, human being, politician, and leader.  He had no respect for the constitution, for US citizens, or even for people as human beings.  I don’t understand how he is respected by anyone who merely claims to love liberty, and I do not understand how anyone can claim that this pig of a man is deserving of respect or emulation, as a man or as a leader.

The evils that Lincoln perpetrated on American citizens were in direct violation of his oath of office.  He was, quite simply, a liar who imprisoned, enslaved, tortured, and slaughtered a significant number of his country’s citizens.  He deserves nothing but repudiation.  He certainly does not deserve respect.  He was evil, and it was his evil that set in place so much of the current destruction of the US Republic.  So, if you’re wondering why America is in such terrible shape right now, a good portion of the answer can be found in Dishonest Abe’s administration.


  1. Goes along as a follow up to your earlier post, "A Culture of Deceit". Perhaps every nation is built upon some lies. Over time however, the crust of lies becomes so thick, the citizenry can't see straight anymore and the ruling elite are blinded by their own lies and hubris.

  2. Remember when Obama kept comparing himself to Lincoln? Seems very eerie now.

  3. Ah, DiLorenzo. I need to read his book.

    This would be the poster case for 'the victors write the history'. The statists won the War of Southern Independence...that and the fact that the country needed a hero at that point in time both serve to fuel the Lincoln myth we have today. There is even a 40' bust of the guy in my home state, right off I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie.

    What I find interesting is that, in the late 1800s, Republicans were apparently the grab-bag party of Statists and Utopianists and Equalitarians that we commonly associate with the Democrat party today. Yet the mainstream Repubs have not shed their leftist tendencies...merely toned them down.

  4. Yeah, the assault on the Constitution began in earnest under Lincoln's presidency.

  5. @Carnivore- I suspect that's true. It's sad that nations have to bond over lies, though.

    @Anon.- It was more true than he probably realized.

    @EW- It's a pretty good read. And yes, it's interesting to see just how progressive the GOP once was and still is. (Incidentally, the Cleveland administration makes for an interesting read.)

    @MarkyMark- What Marshall started, Lincoln continued.