20 July 2012

My Kind of Science

If I had known that doing science consisted of young, thin ladies dressing up like hotties and prancing around a lab, I would have signed up for it years ago.  Anyhow, imagine how much better the world would be if science consisted of attractive women dancing around instead of money-grubbing charlatans trying to grab headlines with unreplicable experiment results that the media can twist into outrageous, highly misleading claims.


  1. Some feminists were extremely pissed off at this video. Well, it's like, duh, what do you expect you're gonna get when you constantly lobby for "someone to do something" about the "problem" of women, despite having full opportunity, deciding not to go into science. If you put enough money into lobbying congress to declare the sky is red, you can't complain about how silly their response is when they finally give in.

  2. Johnny Caustic23 July, 2012 19:49

    Watching this video made me feel really viscerally the conflict between the act of dressing up femininely to sparkle vivaciously, and the act of writing mathematical equations on a board and thinking hard about them. These two acts engage two diametrically opposed parts of the brain. It made me really understand on an emotional level why the two just don't go together.