14 July 2012

Speaking of Women Being Funny…

Here’s a post demonstrating women aren’t funny/clever/etc:
No matter how great the chemistry, every relationship can get dull at times. What better way to spice things up than a playful prank?

We’re not talking about saran-wrapping the toilet; the best practical jokes are the ones that leave both parties laughing. Here are some clever pranks to keep him on his toes all day long:

1. Put a small piece of masking tape on the bottom of his mouse, making sure it covers the trackball or optical sensor. Watch as he struggles to read his e-mail — and don’t forget to write “Gotcha!” on the tape.

It gets much, much worse from there.  I assume that the woman in question is a staff writer who is expected to crank out content, and that she was having an off day.  But even with that, the pranks she lists are just uninspired.  Some are even retarded.  None of them are funny, clever, intelligent, or laughter-provoking.

Anyhow, the point in all this is that, anecdotally, women generally aren’t as funny as men.  Or at least as creatively funny as men.  And that’s just fine.


  1. Unbelievable. Adult women are the target audience of this crap?

    I had a subscription to the weekly Donald Duck magazine when I was a kid, and it had similar lists. The only difference was that you where supposed to play these pranks on your six-year old friends. Pretty sure I saw "stuff toilet paper down someone's shoes" in there once.

  2. If my mouse weren't working (not applicable to my personal computer, because I have a laptop), the first thing I'd do is look on the bottom to see if there were a problem with the track ball or optical sensor. Couldn't she come up with something more imaginative?

  3. Well... it'd be funny... if you were a GIRL!!

  4. @anon.- It would appear that women are rather childish after all.

    @MarkyMark- That's why I suspect that she was phoning it in on this article.

    @Nick- And maybe not even then.