23 August 2012

A New Ally for Conservatives and MRAs

Many conservatives tend to be reactionary sorts, and this does not generally work out well for them.  Additionally, they seem to be less intelligent about forming political alliances, and generally only doing so once it is too late.  However, being the generous guy that I am, I’m going to give conservatives some advice:

Support gay marriage.

Patriactionary contributor electricangel crunched the numbers and determined that there are some instances in which allowing gays to marry would increase tax revenues given the way the income tax system is structured vis-à-vis marriage.  Of course, it is well-known among the manosphere that the family court system is a mess, that divorce proceedings are remarkably unfair, and generally in need of fixing up.  One way to accomplish this is to support gay marraiges.

The reason for this is pretty simple.  Gay rights are the flavor of the month among liberals.  Whatever they want, liberals will fight for.

Now, there is a rather diabolical way to use this to conservatives’ advantage.  If conservatives and MRA want to make a difference in the current system, the easiest way to do it is to ally with the gays.  Specifically, by letting gays get married (and inevitably divorced), it will become readily apparent to liberals just how unfair the system is.  Since liberals pride themselves on standing for equality, they will undoubtedly be appalled the married folk have a higher tax liability than single folk.  Of course, liberals don’t care now, but they will once the queers start whining.

Likewise with the family court system.  What will liberals do once two lesbians decide to get divorced?  Who gets custody of their adopted kid?  The natural default of mother will be stupid for lesbians and irrelevant for gays.  Liberals will then work to either make joint custody the default (because equality), or they will work to ensure that primary custody is given to the more responsible parent (because fairness).  Of course, this has to be applied across the board because liberals don’t want to appear anti-egalitarian.

The same is true for alimony.  Wait until the homos complain, then see what reform takes place.
Thus, I would argue that the greatest ally to conservatives and MRAs are the gays.  Anytime the gays have to face even the merest semblance of a potential injustice, liberals will bend over backwards to make sure they never have to face it.  Now, imagine if that energy were applied to actual injustices faced by straight folk.  And that’s why conservatives and MRAs should ally with the gays.


  1. Very perceptive.

    Gays are already starting to get divorced, but this is a good take on profiting from their own issue.

  2. Gays don't get married. Its about acceptance, not marraige.

  3. @Drama- thanks.

    @Anonymous- And your point is what...exactly? The question you should be asking yourself is: how can we profit from this politically?