25 August 2012

Another Republican Wimps Out

A sheriff candidate in New Hampshire apologized Thursday for saying he would “absolutely” do whatever it takes to stop abortions — including using deadly force.

Frank Szabo, a Republican candidate for Hillsborough County Sheriff, prompted calls for him to drop out of the race after his comments Wednesday, WMUR-TV reported. It started when he issued a press release vowing if elected to arrest anyone performing an abortion, even if their actions were legal under state law. Szabo then took it a step further to say he wouldn’t rule out deadly force to stop one from happening in his jurisdiction.
Well, it should be no mystery why the GOP can’t seem to get any political traction anymore:  all the party leaders are a bunch of nutless sad sacks, incapable of standing for even the most basic of human rights.  Any time any candidate tries to stand up for a basic right, said candidate gets neutered or hung out to dry by party leaders.  Pro tip for GOP party bosses:  people don’t vote for spineless jagoffs, so quit making that a prerequisite for party candidacy.

Another pro tip for GOP party bosses:  when you brand yourself as a shitty version of your opposition (as opposed to an actually different party that offers an actual alternative to the competition), don’t be surprised if you keep losing.  The supporters of your opposition don’t want a shitty version of it; they already have the real deal.  Your party supporters don’t want a shitty version of it, either; they’d much rather have an actual alternative.  I swear, it’s like the GOP is intentionally trying to lose.

In further keeping with his recent recantation:
He told WBZ-TV, “Deadly force is the last thing that law enforcement should be using, if a citizen’s life is in danger they need to be protected….If there’s no other choice, that’s what’s needed to protect the citizen.” [Emphasis added.]
So, no one gets upset when the police violate their own rules and kill innocent adults, but suggest that they merely arrest mass murderers, and suddenly everyone’s up in arms about the police overstepping their bounds.  This country is fucked up.

And then there’s this hilarious rejoinder:
Fellow Republicans criticized Szabo for his remarks, including New Hampshire House Speaker Bill O’Brien, who said Szabo’s comments “make it clear that he does not understand the constitutional role of sheriff in New Hampshire.” [Emphasis added.]
Well, I guess I didn’t realize that Republican politicians cared about rule of law these days.  I can’t wait for them to lead the charge in prosecuting the banksters for their fraud and bringing the troops back from their unconstitutional wars in the Middle East.


  1. Just look at Gov. Scott Walker in WI; he's shown balls of STEEL, and he's gotten people behind him because of it-all in one of the blueist of blue states! When the GOP shows courage and articulates conservatism with confidence, they win and win big...

  2. @MarkyMark- good point. Of course, it wasn't an election year when Walker did what he did, so the GOP bosses couldn't hang him out to dry.

  3. But still, Scott Walker's example is one that should be held up for all Republicans even THINKING of being spineless; his example shows that wimping out is not the way to go...

  4. Not much surprise here. Where so-called "women's issues" are concerned, the Republicans cede the entire issue to the culture-of-death and rape-hysteria Left.

    The continued establishment Republican quailing over the Congressman Akin incident is instructive. Their calls for Akin to quit because he offended the rape-hysteria lobby have now been picked up by the left and the MSM as they pile on too.

    Makes me ill. Makes me wish a Republican candidate, somewhere, would offer rejoinders along the lines of "you give me the ~97% of abortions for convenience, and I'll give you the 3% that aren't" and mock the "war on women" with the very real Dem-led-but-largely-bipartisan "war on men".

  5. @MarkyMark- I don't disagree; I'm just noting that the GOP didn't have the option of abandoning Walker. Perhaps the lesson is that conservatives need to sneak candidates past the GOP leadership.

    @EW- Makes me sick too. I'm just disgusted by how wimpy the GOP is. They simply cannot stand up for any of their nominal values. There is really no point in supporting the GOP anymore as they do not stand for anything other than appeasing the left.