15 August 2012

Neo-Conservative Rationalizations

John Hawkins is about to get fooled twice:
The Supreme Court moves to the left: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79, Antonin Scalia is 76, Anthony Kennedy is 75, and Stephen Breyer is 73. Replacing Ginsburg or Breyer with 50 year old liberals would be bad enough, but imagine Obama selecting a replacement for Scalia or Kennedy. If that happens, Obama would have five guaranteed votes on the Supreme Court for anything he wants to do. Once we get to that point, the Constitution might as well not even exist.
As we all know, electing a Republican president is important because that’s the only way to ensure that conservative Supreme Court justices are appointed. And of course, there is no way that any conservative Supreme Court appointee will ever betray the constitution.  Oh wait…

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