15 August 2012

This Will Be Fun

So here’s a proposal for a women-only city:
The city, to be built in Hofuf, is being built to allow women to become more financially independent, the British newspaper The Guardian reported Sunday.

The Saudi Industrial Property Authority said the city is slated to open next year.

"I'm sure that women can demonstrate their efficiency in many aspects and clarify the industries that best suit their interests, nature and ability," authority Deputy Director General Saleh al-Rasheed said.

The city will create about 5,000 jobs for women in textiles, pharmaceuticals and food-processing, and will be near residential neighborhoods "to facilitate the movement of women to and from the workplace," the authority said in a statement.
Well, this should prove to be a pretty good experiment to see whether women are as productive as men.  At the risk of sounding sexist (which is a risk I have no qualms about taking), I would bet that women aren’t as productive as men.  Mostly because they’ll fall into infighting and drama, and also because they’re weaker, have less stamina, can get pregnant, etc.  Or, to state it another way, I predict that men and women will have different levels of productivity, primarily because men and women are different.  That’s quite a limb to crawl out on, isn’t it?


  1. sounds like more of a slave factory to me under the guise of giving women opportunity. Similar to getting women here in the west to crave serfdom...err careers, driving down wages, and population control.

  2. @Anon.- Perhaps this will be slave labor, but at least we'll have a perfect control for seeing whether woman really are equal to men in productivity and thus deserving of equal wages.