23 September 2012


So Romney is getting into trouble for at one point in time observing the verifiable fact that 47% of Americans don't pay personal income taxes. (Or, to state it more accurately, 47% of Americans did not have any income tax liability.)  Perhaps now would be a good time to observe that 47+% of Americans do not pay corporate taxes either.


  1. What percentage of Americans pay sales tax? (99%-- assuming a "crazy old man living in the woods" rate of 1%, which is certainly erring on the side of caution)

    Which type of American is most grievously impacted by sales taxes? Answer: exactly the type who has no personal income tax liability!

  2. Romney was basically getting at something which is obvious - the Democrats have been trying to create a voting block which will always put them into power. To do that, you have to convince people they cannot do it themselves and government is the answer - how? By destroying their opportunities and making it true.

    This administration has done more to farther that agenda than any other - as shown by the number of people on government subsidies...

    Romney wants people to be able to excel, and keep what they earn and be able to "get ahead" - to do that you have to tear down all of the artificial barriers the government has put in place, the best way to do that is to "starve the beast" and that means remove their lifes-blood - your tax money. It really is that simple...

    Of course, the left don't want people to see that for themselves so they are spinning away, with their liberal cronies in the news-media...

    I have been moving all of my assets over-seas. All of my losses are in the US, my profits elsewhere. I am doing what I can to both starve the beast, and getting ready to ex-patriate... I suspect more and more will do so, and leave the Democrats to scream that they have "run out of other people's money" - of course, then they will start cutting and more and more people will be like Greece - hands out looking for dregs... That is the Obama vision of America - a has been...

    It doesn't matter to me - I am now able to move pretty much as will... If Romney wins - great, I'll stay around and make money in the US - if not, I'll make money elsewhere and put more and more people here out of work since it doesn't pay to employ them any more...

    It really doesn't matter to me - I saw the writing on the wall, and moved quickly to get out of the US. That is why the economy is tanked - I know a lot of people who have done the same thing.

  3. "exactly the type who has no personal income tax liability!"

    Not sure if I'm buying this. Sales taxes would ordinarily be very "regressive", except that they usually exempt food and therefore have less impact on the poor.