12 September 2012

Another Reason to Quit Facebook

Terrorists are stalking you:
Australian defense analysts are briefing their troops to be careful on Facebook because the Taliban is using pictures of cute girls to lure Ausies, and Coalition Forces, into giving up secrets.
Of course, if you’re not military or DHS, or part of the relevant federal alphabet soup, it’s probably not as problematic. Though being friends with terrorists could spam up your feed, what with all the retarded notifications that Facebook feels compelled to give you.

But that’s not even the worst of it:
Photos can be a problem though, especially due to smart phones and "geotagging" - a process which embeds location information inside the photo. A security expert told The Herald Sun, an Australian online publication, that geo-tag information "can be data-mined and sold to anybody."
So, the random cute girl who friended you even though you’ve never met may not be a terrorist, he/she could be a hacker trying to steal your identity. Or a government agent trying to learn every last detail of your life. Or a marketer tying to spam you into buying junk.

My advice is to do what I did last summer and quit Facebook. In the first place, even your real friends are fake on Facebook. In the second, Facebook combines the worst part of knowing people and the internet to create a strangely unique mashup of unparalleled assholery and douchebaggery. And in the third place, you’re surrendering your personal information to every terrorist, marketer, hacker, and government agent who desires it.

Also, Facebook just plain sucks.

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