10 September 2012

The Mad Season is In Full Swing

I hate politics, often because most politicians suck and most voters are idiots who think their opinions are worth hearing in spite of the fact that said opinions are full of logical fallacies, false premises, and philosophical incoherencies.  However, politics is pretty much unavoidable in this day and age, so here’s my take on a couple of major political stories.  I’ll try to be brief because I hate writing this as much as you hate reading this, which is to say that I love this.

Eastwood apparently gave a speech at the GOP convention.  Ironically, it was the least lifeless speech all week.  When he decided to get his digs in at the Iraq war, I wondered if Eastwood was secretly a Ron Paul supporter.  I also (briefly) wondered what the Romney camp thought about this before I realized that I didn’t actually care.

I’m not a fan of Clinton since he, like all presidents in the 20th century, is a slimy Marxist/Socialist/Asshole.  However, I will say that he is a world-class politician, and that his speech is a magnificent example of party politicking.  His speech may be the one thing that keeps Obama in the race (no pun intended).

The DNC’s Godless Platform

The DNC apparently decided to boo God, thus effectively ending whatever pretense they might have for invoking religion in their various campaigns.  Several conservative pundits decided that this was a good time to point out the Democrats are the party of Satan.  All I could do was wonder when the GOP was going to follow suit and likewise stop paying lip service to God.

No One Wants Ron Paul Supporters

First, Romney decides to piss off a sizable portion of GOP members by fascistly imposing non-democracy on the GOP.  Then, Gary Johnson makes several bungling, albeit hilarious attempts at wooing seducing RP supporters, which backfires, insofar as I won’t vote for this ass-clown of a candidate.

There Is No Real Difference Between Romney and Obama

Matt Yglesias has somehow woken up to the fact that the only substantive difference between Romney and Obama is that they disagree on the details of their Keynesianism.  Color me shocked.  Also, it appears that, to the surprise of everyone without a fully functioning brain (which includes all neo-cons that rationalized their support for Romney on the grounds that RomneyCare was okay because it was at the state level), Romney actually wants to keep most of ObamaCare in place.

Incidentally, this is why I abhor conservatives.  They have principles, or so they claim, and yet they compromise their alleged principles on every opportunity because they somehow are deluded into thinking that moderate leftism is preferable to extreme leftism.  Here’s a hint:  neither moderate nor extreme leftism ever works.  So quit viewing the compromise for moderate leftism as acceptable; you’re only deluding yourself.  And no, voting for a moderate leftist isn’t incrementalism, it’s suicide.  Just quit lying to yourselves already.

The Libertarian Party

Some queer at Post Libertarian makes the Quadrennial Libertarian Party argument to vote for the LP candidate because hey, he doesn’t suck as much as the alternatives.  Unfortunately for the Libertarian Party, their candidate is Gary Johnson, so yes, he does actually suck as much as the alternatives.

Summary and Implications

Politics is reality TV for midwits.  I’d laugh, but the clowns who are the focus of the circus are actually given real power at the end of the election.  Really, I wish that governance was left to more serious folk, and that the midwits could get their voting fix through some less important means, like American Idol.

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  1. Politics make so much more sense (and can even be enjoyable, if this is your thing) when you view them as spectator sports. People pick teams and then cheer for those teams come hell and high water. Obama decides to legalize marijuana? How evil, Obama is siding with the drug cartels, soon cops will be tranquilizing people with "soma"! Romney decides to legalize marijuana? Hallelujah, finally peoples' civil liberty is given respect, now the cartels will dry up and there'll be no more worries about drug-lacing etc.

    For fun, pick any policy decision whatsoever, and imagine how each party would spin it if the other party enacted it.