24 October 2012

New Toys

Here's the Mossberg 500 I purchased a couple months ago.  As is obvious, it's a pump-action 12-gauge with a 7+1 capacity when firing 2.75" rounds.  It's been a ton of fun to shoot, and I've particularly enjoyed shooting 000 Buckshot and rifled slugs.  However, it's not like I haven't enjoyed every other type of shot I've fired from it.  It does some wonderful damage.

I also purchased another gun last week, but neglected to get some pics.  It's a Savage break-action single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun.  It's not as fun to shoot because it has an old-fashioned wood stock, and nothing on the end to absorb recoil, save for my shoulder.  It gets pretty painful to shoot after a couple dozens rounds of slugs and buckshot, so I doubt I'll shoot it as much as my Mossberg.

Why do I have 2 12-gauge shotguns?  The Mossberg is for self-defense, since it can hold eight rounds and has a shorter barrel.  The Savage is for hunting because I will rarely need to fire more than one round at a time, and it has a longer barrel.  Initially I was going to try to use my Mossberg as a potential hunting weapon, but as I discovered when I went trap shooting, the Mossberg is not well-suited to that task.  Plus, the Savage was only $80, and that's not something I could say no to, especially since I was looking for a single-barrel break-action 12-gauge for under $150 at the time.

At any rate, this brings my personal gun collection to four total, which means that I only have three left on my wish list.  I hope I can get the rest by the end of the year.


  1. For the savage, buy a Limbsaver. It is a rubber recoil pad that fits over your stock.

  2. @Anon.- thought about that. My Mossberg is my primary shotgun, and I don't plan on firing the Savage that often (occasional practice and deer hunting is the plan), and I haven't found it to hurt all that much when firing lots of rounds out of it. I'll probably eventually get the limbsaver, but it's not a high priority buy.