25 October 2012

Please Let This Happen

Here’s what might happen in the event of an electoral college tie:

It’s not inconceivable, given the current breakdown of battleground states and the votes they carry in the electoral college. That raises the frightening prospect of Romney being handed the decision thanks to the Republican domination of the House of Representatives, even if Obama happens to win the popular vote.

The Washington Examiner, just to add to the potential horror, notes that a separate congressional vote would have to be held for the vice-president, only it would be held in the Senate, which Democrats control. Which could result in Romney as president, with Democrat Joe Biden as his vice-president. It’s even possible that, in a tied Senate, Biden could end up casting the deciding vote in his own favour.

I strongly favor this outcome, as it ensures the greatest amount of federal gridlock possible, short of a nuclear bomb completely obliterating D.C. (a scenario which I also endorse).  Quite frankly, the federal government falls into the “problem” category more often than the “solution” category, which means that an easy way to fix this is for the federal government to stop doing things.  And insofar as political gridlock helps to further government inactivity, gridlock can and should be viewed as a good thing.


  1. I used to agree with this proposition. But we have discovered during the Obama administration that the federal autopilot is very strong. We have continued record high spending even though we haven't passed a budget in three years. "the congress can't agree on anything" but the money keeps flowing and executive orders accomplish more than legislation could have. And with a divided house, impeachment is not an option either. The only way to help this is to vote out the incumbents. All of them.

    And then do it again. And keep doing it until they get the message.

  2. @Prof. Hale- but if the federal autopilot is very strong, isn't having a cycle of voting out incumbents in every election akin to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic?