24 October 2012

Predicting Conservative Policy

Thank goodness that Republicans are calling not only for welfare-spending restraint, but also for fundamental government reform, reform that would return to the states the flexibility and authority to run public-assistance programs that they enjoyed in the New Deal era, before LBJ brought in the social engineers. [Emphasis added.]

The inherent problem with being reactionary is that by the very nature of reacting, you are doomed to accept your opponent’s frame, which ultimately insures that your opponent will win.  The above excerpt is a case in point:  Here, a conservative is celebrating that Republicans are standing against the modern expansive welfare state by arguing for…an older, less-expansive welfare state.  Thus, if you want to know what conservatives’ policies will be, just look at what liberals argued for six decades ago and you’ll have a rough approximation because, like all reactionaries, conservatives must eventually acceded to their opponent’s frame.

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