01 October 2012

Random Blegs

Jason Whitlock on the Cam Newton-Racism non-controversy.  It’s refreshing to see an African-American man tell white liberals to not feel guilty or be overly sensitive about race.  Also refreshing:  he argues that excusing blacks from criticism does more harm than good.

3D printing could be the next battleground of internet freedom.  It appears that 3D printers could be used to manufacture guns.  Since the government unconstitutionally regulates gun, this development could be used as a pretense for the government to monitor how one uses a 3D printer, which would naturally include registration and monitoring internet usage.

A former teacher on the problems of self-expression.  This story reminds of me of my days in college when I sold papers to fellow students who were not as good at writing as I was.  A lot of them asked how I was able to do such a good job of writing papers, even on short notice.  The reason why I was so good at writing was due to the fact that a) I read a lot, b) I had an extensive vocabulary, and c) I was extremely familiar with grammatical rules because, among other things, my mother made a point of ensuring that I knew how diagram a sentence when I was in third grade.  Basically, I knew a lot and had a lot of discipline.  Most kids I knew in college didn’t have a deep or broad knowledge base, and few of them were disciplined writers.  And that was why they hired me.

Chuck on the SAT data dump.  The basic gist is that, for whatever reason, men are innately better at math than women.  I suspect that neurological structure is part of the reason for this outcome.

Cracked on the legitimate uses of illegal drugs.  An interesting read.  I guess the implications of this article are:  a) the legality of any given drug is based on entirely capricious metrics, b) illegal drugs are not the unmitigated evil that some SoCons have asserted, and c) the War on Drugs is retarded.

Forbes has a story on increasing numbers of women wanting to opt of the workforce in order to stay at home and raise children.  The good news is that this means that feminism has failed.  The bad news is that staying at home is now considered a financial reality.  I guess that means that feminism has really won.

Marc Slavo predicts rising food costs going into 2013.  This isn’t exactly the least obvious prediction, but I wonder how many Fed employees will be unable to see this coming, even in light of QE3.

Speaking of QE3, Chuck has a post on the basic hypocrisy ofthose who defend QE3.  Basically, he notes that quantitative easing exacerbates inequality, and he also notes that many economists who support QE also rail against inequality (Stiglitz, Krugman, etc.)  Also, is it just me, or does Chuck seem to be on a roll here lately?

Matt Yglesias observes that the Washington, D.C. metro area is home to seven of the ten wealthiest counties in America (up from five).  Yglesias entertains the idea that this is due to political corruption, but since lefties don’t like this thought, he finds a way to rationalize it away.  Still, I think corruption is the most likely explanation.

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