12 November 2012

Conservatives on Election Fraud

On Townhall.com, Rachel Alexander complains about election fraud might have cost Romney the election. Three points come to mind.

One, where was all this outrage when Ron Paul was being defrauded of a primary victory in Maine?
Two, do you seriously think that Republicans don’t engage in election fraud? They may be worse at it, but that doesn’t magically negate their evil and dishonesty.

Three, even if it discovered that election fraud cost Romney Ohio, he still wouldn’t have won. Even if he was given Florida and Virginia, he still would have lost the election 272-266. And he would likely lose the popular vote anyway (not that it matters; it simply proves he’s not actually that popular).

Look, conservatives, the Republican candidate lost this time around. And it’s silly to blame his loss on mere election fraud. I mean, seriously, does anyone really think that neither W. nor Reagan faced any election fraud when they were running for office? So how did they win? They fired up their base and got conservatives excited to vote.

Romney’s fundamental problem wasn’t fraud. Again, if the primaries are proof of anything, it’s that the GOP machine is perfectly capable of defrauding opponents of their rightful victories. Romney’s most fundamental problem was that he was an unlikeable twat. He was a political chameleon that not even conservatives liked, as evidenced by the fact that the first half of the Republican primary consisted of cycling through all the major not-Romney candidates.

At any rate, conservative bellyaching on this subject is disingenuous, to say the least, because they didn’t ever complain about any of the fraud that Romney’s campaign committed, even though they hated the guy at the time. And really, their complaint should really lie with the party bosses who sold them out for yet another pussy-ass candidate

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