09 November 2012

Cultural Eugenics: An Addendum

Heartiste writes:
The top and bottom against the middle. White status whoring with minority pawns. SWPL hypocrisy. Anti-white anti-racists. Two Americas. Jesusland.

You’ve heard all these before. The Orwellian prognosis of a political culture steeped in a mountain of lies and suppressed crimethink. Astute observers of the American scene can’t help but notice that something foul is afoot, and they’ve given it a contour: the white ruling class has it in for the white working class. [Emphasis added.]
I’m in the middle of reading The God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson.* In her book, Paterson asserts that the middle class is a misnomer; in reality, the middle class can be better understood if it’s referred to as the free class. Once the nomenclature is updated to better reflect reality, Heartiste’s theory of cultural eugenics makes sense. “The top and bottom against the middle” makes far more sense as “the rulers and the ruled against the free.”

The motivations of the ruling class and the ruled class are readily transparent. The ruling class want to enslave the free class because it gives them more power, and also helps to keep those who were already enslaved in line. The ruled class wants to see the free class become enslaved because it justifies their poverty and enslavement. After all, if those who were better and brighter couldn’t escape poverty and slavery, what hope was there for those of lesser talents and abilities?

Where this trend will go, though, is anybody’s guess. Many attempts at enslaving the free class have failed; many have succeeded. History demonstrates an ebb and flow of varying degrees of freedom. History also demonstrates that there is never a period of complete slavery or of complete freedom—at least for very long. There will always be those who wish to rule; there will always be those who wish to be ruled; there will always be those simply want to live and let live. These types are permanent and in constant conflict, with the competing views attaining cultural ascendency then later descending. Over and over, there is an ebb and flow of freedom and tyranny, each in constant struggle with the other, and neither gaining victory over the other.

For now, though, it looks like tyranny is gaining the upper hand. Here’s hoping that its advantage doesn’t last long.

* The Kindle version is $1.99, and well worth the price in my opinion.

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