08 November 2012

Election 2012: Obligatory Ron Paul Reference

The GOP pissed off a good portion of its base with the way it treated Ron Paul. Vox had an open thread asking readers who they voted for and a good portion said they wrote in Ron Paul as a protest vote. I personally know two people who did that. There are also some who stayed home because they couldn’t stomach any of the cadidates. Basically, the GOP did not help themselves by ostracizing Paul supporters and then nominating Romney.

But, as I said in my year-end predictions back in December, there is no way Ron Paul would have gotten elected even if he were nominated. In fact, Romney might have been the wisest choice the GOP could have made. Santorum might have been a better alternative, since rabid conservatives seemed to really like him. However, he seemed like rape gaffe waiting to happen, so maybe it’s best the GOP didn’t back him.

Maybe, though, the real problem is not that GOP mistreated Ron Paul, but that the GOP is basically dead. Quite simply, the GOP’s best option is to be Democrat Lite. Liberalism is now ascendant, so there is no way to come to power by acting in complete opposition to liberalism. Furthermore, the libertarian streak among conservatives is not significant enough to support the party, so catering to that extreme is foolish. Unfortunately, the same is true for the conservative streak as well: it’s not strong enough to support the party. There were several states that legalized pot and gay marriage in this past election, which suggests that advocacy for traditional values is not going to be a strong suit for the GOP. Also, all the “rape candidates” lost, which suggests that those who stand against this age’s libertine view of sex are going to get their asses handed to them.

In short, neither the conservatism offered by Rick Santorum nor the libertarianism offered by Ron Paul will be enough to give the GOP victory, and it’s unlikely that these two factions will join up. Thus, the only reasonable play for the GOP to make is to cut ties with both factions and chase Democrat voters who only want some of the socialism of the Democrat party.

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  1. Unless there were over 2 million of them, it wouldn't have mattered.