08 November 2012

Election 2012: Pot

So a couple of states have legalized pot:
There have been small steps toward ending marijuana prohibition — state medical-marijuana laws being the most radical — in the last several years. Recently the tide has turned against draconian laws that have sent pot offenders to prison while drug smugglers and gangs thrive off the black market. Thus more mainstream attention and credibility has been given to plans like the ones passed Tuesday that would regulate, tax, and sell marijuana to adults, just like alcohol, in both Colorado and Washington.
 This will likely spark a conflict between the federal government and the respective state governments. I, for one, welcome this development because a) this means some degree of governmental gridlock and b) this puts conservatives in an uncomfortable position. To me, the latter is more important because conservatives often claim that they want limited government. They also claim they want the government to stand up for traditional values. What they often fail to recognize is that you can’t have a limited government that goes around micromanaging people’s morality. Thus, conservative will have a tough choice soon: do they support limited government, or do they want to impose their vision of humanity on others, just like the liberals they claim to oppose? If they pick the latter, then I will have no sympathy for them if they end up being oppressed by the government. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

In the meantime, I hope that these states’ attempts at nullification are successful. Wars are expensive, even the domestic ones. And besides, the war on drugs is blatantly unconstitutional and immoral. Also, I really hate the federal government and want to see it abolished, so go states!

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