08 November 2012

Election 2012: Protest Votes

Here’s part of a comment I left at Chuck’s:
Protest votes are completely worthless, at least as long as ballots remain secret. If no one knows for whom you’ve voted, but does know that you did vote, then you are implicitly giving the democratic system your approval even though you claim that system doesn’t actually represent you, as evidenced by your so-called “protest” vote. The rational thing to do, if there is no candidate that represents you, is to not vote, since you will be demonstrating that the system has nothing to offer you.
 Basically, I see no point in protest votes since they are not a clear enough signal. If you vote, you’re basically saying you support the system, so whatever protest your vote may carry is going to be drowned by the public proclamation that you think the system is worthy of your support. Thus, my advice for those who wanted to protest the GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul would have been to simply stay home. Especially since no one reports on third-party candidates, let alone write in candidates.

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