08 November 2012

Election 2012: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico had a two part-vote on sovereignty. 54% of Puerto Ricans voted to change their relationship with the United States. Of those 54%, roughly 61% voted to join the United States. Once you work out the math, this means roughly one-third of Puerto Ricans want to join the US. Why? Steve Sailer notes that Puerto Rico will get another (another!) $20 billion in federal money if it becomes a state.

In the event that Puerto Rico does become a state, it will simply continue the trend was made readily apparent this election cycle: those who are not older white males want bigger government and the handouts that come with it. Regardless of whether you support bigger government, it should be obvious there are limits to its scalability, and so this trend of sucking at the federal teat will not be able to continue forever. Thus, it may be Puerto Rico’s statehood that sends the US over the fiscal cliff.

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