12 November 2012

Stop Da Wacisssssssm

Some liberal laments:
Dear Mr. Drudge:

I have written before that, whether I like it or not, you are the one of the most influential forces in modern media, possibly THE most influential single player. You tower above your peers in what you do. Despite my failed efforts, no liberal or Democrat has even tried to create a legitimate competitor to what you do. But with your influence comes power, and with power comes responsibility, and the Drudge Report in recent months has become inundated, and saturated and permeated with baiting stories about the president's race, and about blacks generally. These are beneath the standards you should set for yourself and your profession.

You should be, and I hope you will be, a better citizen and more worthy professional than is suggested by the sheer number of race-related and often race-baiting stories that you regularly banner on the Drudge Report.
Look, if the news stories aren’t being made up, then the accusation of racism is tenuous to say the least. If blacks don’t want to be compared to roving gangs of feral wolves, then perhaps they should stop acting like it. If young black males are going to go around “getting back at whitey,” then they should have to live with the consequences, even if said consequences include having the media’s light shed on them briefly. And if young black males don’t want Drudge’s spotlight on them, then perhaps they should stop going around assaulting whitey.

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