17 December 2012

Time to Ban Schools

It’s tautologically true that all school shootings involve guns.  It’s also tautologically true that all school shootings occur at school.  If it is axiomatic that more gun control, or an outright gun ban would reduce or possibly eliminate school shootings, then by the same token it is axiomatic that stricter school security measures, or an outright ban of schools would reduce or possibly eliminate school shootings.  And yet, I do not hear anyone calling for a school ban, and I haven’t heard very many people call for stricter security measures at schools.  The logic of school shootings is inescapable.

If basic logic doesn’t convince anyone, how about some facts?  According to John Lott, Jr., of all studies of the consequences of gun control and gun bans, not a single study has been able to demonstrate mere correlation between increased gun control and decreased crime, to say nothing of hypothetical causality.  Many studies indicate a positive correlation between gun ownership/carry rates and reduced crime.  Causal links have not been properly established, but the correlative factor alone proves that gun control will not lead to reduced crime.

So what can be done to prevent horrendous crimes like those recently carried out in Connecticut?  The answer is surprisingly intuitive.  What would any normal person want to do when faced with an armed killer?  What would you feel safe with?  Would you be content with using a file cabinet or a desk, or even your own body to barricade a door in order to protect the people in your care?  Would you want to turn tail and run like a scared rabbit?  Would you like to hide under a desk and hope that the lunatic with then gun, twenty magazines, and two hundred rounds of ammo doesn’t happen to look at you?

Or would you rather fight back and take your destiny and self-defense in your own hands?  If you’re staring a crazed killer in the eyes, would rather do so from under a flimsy desk or behind a thin wooden door, or would rather have a gun in your hands, aimed at the lunatic threatening to take your life?  Obviously, anyone with a lick of sense and self-preservation is going to want to even the playing field as much as possible, and is therefore going to want a gun.  And guess what?  Guns actually do prevent crime.  Guns make it possible to stand up to lunatics with death wishes.  Guns make it possible to protect innocent children from being slaughtered like animals.

It should be clear that guns can be used for both good and evil.  Like schools, guns are not the cause of school shootings.  People with evil and malice in their hearts are the school shootings.  Ultimately, the problem of murders is not caused by guns.  Canada, for example, hasseen in an increase in homicides over the last year even though gun use in homicides is at a fifty year low.  Guns aren’t the problem, evil people are.  Hypothetically, banning guns would eliminate murder because people who desire to murder will find other ways of doing so.  Knives, rope, candlesticks, pillows, bedsheets, and a host of other items have been used as weapons.  The first murderer probably used his fists.  Murder is not a problem of means, it’s a problem of motive.

Thus, if we want to prevent the recent tragedy in Connecticut from happening again, we must not ban guns, but empower good men and women to carry them and be ready to use them against deranged and evil men who would perpetrate unspeakable horrors against the most innocent of citizens:  our children.  We must come face to face with the fact that evil exists, and that some men are motivated by a desire to engage in the sick, most perverted ills they can conceive of.  And we must come to grips that sometimes the only way to prevent evil is to stop it with a display of deadly force.  Evil cannot be negotiated with, and we must not allow ourselves to be tricked in to thinking that we can nice it away.  We must stand resolute against evil, and commit ourselves to doing what it takes to defend the young and innocent, even if that means engaging in actions we find distasteful.  How can we say that we truly care about the young and innocent if we never take pains to defend them from the evil that lurks about?

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