07 December 2012

Why Rape Fantasies?

Folks, it’s time once again for the proprietors of this esteemed blog to revisit the touchy subject of women’s rape fantasies.  (Here’s some obligatory research to prove we here at Le Cygne Gris are not making things up.)  This time, the question before us is this:  why would any women in her right mind, or otherwise, desire to be raped?

Assuming for the sake of this rather atramentous thought experiment that evolutionary psychology is correct, we here at Le Cygne Gris propose that women have rape fantasies because rape was, for men, historically associated with being a winner.  To state it indelicately, rape was a common practice of many soldiers during times of war.  More specifically, rape tended to occur during times of victory, since it is generally accepted as difficult to rape a woman when running away in full retreat.

It is only in these modern times that rape has become associated with losers, that is to say omega males whose servile attempts at pitching woo are so blundering that they only way they could ever hope to taste the sweet nectar of any Venus’s flytrap would be to rape them, assuming they had the cajones to do so.  But this is not the historical norm.

Perhaps it was the case that women who were most adaptable to rape were those who would be best able to adapt to living with a new alpha male.  If your husband was killed and you found yourself being raped by conquerors, you would have two choices before you:  tolerate or even like rape, or dislike ad maybe even hate rape.  If you could tolerate rape, there was a good chance that you could snag a husband, or at least a short-term partner from among the raping victors, or maybe be spared death.  But if you disliked rape and resented it, you would increase your odds of death and decrease your odds of being taken care of.  And so, perhaps rape fantasies are merely an evolutionary survival response to one of the more unsavory aspects of history.

Or perhaps a large number of women are simply screwed up in the head.  I leave it to you to decide.


  1. "To state it indelicately, rape was a common practice of many soldiers during times of war. More specifically, rape tended to occur during times of victory"

    I take this time to note that men in a conquered tribe or society were quite often killed as their just wages for being on the losing side.

  2. I don't think most women are having rape fantasies, they have domination fantasies, the kind where an aloof, debonair stranger overpowers them to the point of giving in to his mystical sexual power, and the woman can't help but enjoy herself. Or she fantasizes that she gets into a fight with her boyfriend and in his fit of anger he shows her who is boss by possessing her sexually. Or a handsome, mysterious robber or pirate breaks into her room and kidnaps/rapes her until she loves him. Fifty Shades is no great mystery, really.

    No woman fantasizes about being jumped by a knife-wielding thug and dragged into an alley for forced sex. Nor do they really fantasize about having a gun held to their heads or being held down by a gang of men while they take turns banging away.

    If any women really contemplated the nature and violence of rape, they might find a new name for their sexual musings.

  3. I have given this some thought also. I think there may be a connection with sexual desire in women and Victorian virtue of chastity. In the rape fantasy, the woman is set free from her need for self control by a man who sweeps her control aside and takes what he wants. She gets hot nasty sex and is free to enjoy it and retains her virtue since she had no choice in it.

    --Prof Hale

  4. @EW- That's a good point as well. If the only man around to take care of you is Murder McRapey, you had better be able to tolerate that sort of thing.

    @Amy- Don't read too much into this post. It's more of a thought experiment born of boredom than a serious attempt at evo-psych analysis (which I don't actually believe in). The only reason the subject fascinates me is because one day, while bored, I was trolling through craigslist's singles seeking section looking for hilarious stuff to mock, and I a came across a post by a woman who wanted to be raped at knife point. That seriously was her fantasy, and she was looking for a guy to that to her. I answered the ad, partly just to troll, and then quickly went my own way once I saw that she wasn't particularly attractive. However, that post has always stuck in my mind because I couldn't believe that there was actually a woman who was willing to admit to the world that she wanted a guy to rape her.

    @Prof. Hale- Interesting theory. I'm not sure how much of the Victorian virtues are left in American society at this point in time, but your theory does nicely explain how women can reconcile their desire for sex with a hot alpha male while also viewing themselves as virtuous.