10 January 2013

A Portrait of Female Sexual Frustration

Here’s a post that’s been making the rounds:

To the guy who rode past me on his bicycle last night telling me to "Smile, pretty lady," here's what you need to know:
1) I don’t take orders from you. [Subtext:  because you aren’t around to give them.]
2) I’m not going to smile just because you tell me to “smile.” [Subtext: jk lol]  You don’t even know me, you don’t know my life, you don't know why my face looks this way and I don't I think you really want to know. [Subtext: I really hope you do.] I'm not smiling because I'm thinking, "Is the Indian food in the fridge still good? God I hope so because I'm going to eat it regardless." [Subtext: I'm smiling because I'm thinking of you.] Did you really want that window into my mind, stranger?  [Subtext: please say yes.]
3) Thank you for calling me pretty. [Subtext: I love it when alphas compliment me.]

It is axiomatic that beta males do not generally inspire strong emotions in any sort in women.  Omegas can inspire a strong emotional response in women, but that emotion is usually unremitted revulsion.  Since this lady has a strong emotional response that is partially positive, we can infer that the guy who told her to smile is an alpha.

But, some hapless hypothetical beta that exists solely to pose questions that move my post along might ask, if this alpha was complimenting her and she apparently liked him to some degree, why is she so angry?  The two most obvious answers are that a) she’s a feminist and b) it’s that time of the month.

The more correct, albeit incredibly less obvious answer, is that this women is feeling sexually frustrated.  Here’s a fleeting interaction with a charming alpha that lasts for only a couple of seconds (at least so far as I can tell), and yet the sexual potential of this interaction was such that this man has clearly occupied her thoughts, feelings, and fantasies for a not insignificant portion of time.  This lady dedicated an entire blog post to a guy she saw in passing the night before.  Clearly she’s attracted and clearly she’s frustrated that this interaction didn’t go any further.  Why else would she be so angry at an someone she found attractive?

The lesson to be learned from this is twofold.  First, women do not handle sexual frustration particularly well.  Second, three words, judiciously chosen and uttered, can make an indelible impression.

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