23 January 2013

It’s Time To Ban Cars

A 12-year-old girl was killed on Monday and dozens of people injured in a 76-vehicle pileup on an icy Ohio highway, one of three major crashes that clogged roadways across the state, authorities said.
Sixty cars and 16 tractor trailers slammed into one another on Interstate 275 near Cincinnati just after 11:35 a.m., Hamilton County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Knapp said.
"Eighteen years on patrol, and I've never seen anything like it," he said.
At least 20 people were transported to local hospitals with undetermined injuries, said Colerain Township Fire Captain Darian Edwards, who described "dozens of walking wounded" being tended to at the crash site.

Clearly, the real cause of this accident is America’s car culture.  Parents are constantly pressuring their children to drive, oftentimes by offering to give them a car as a birthday present.  Auto makers, in turn, continue to promote car ownership by making cars as cheaply as possible, which generally means offering cars that barely meet minimum safety requirements.  Car makers also lobby the government for special privileges.  This constant push to get as many Americans on the road as much as possible enables this sort of tragedy to happen.

Obviously, the government needs to make it more difficult for people to get behind the wheel of a car.  This could mean implementing and raising taxes on car production and sales, which should help to reduce purchases.  Regulating or limiting gasoline purchases should also help to limit how much time people spend on the road, as would banning high-capacity tanks.  Furthermore, the government should require every driver to undergo background checks for every car purchase, so as to reduce the risk of dangerous people getting behind the wheel.

Ultimately, the government must work towards completely banning cars, so as to completely prevent these sorts of tragedies from ever occurring.  Only the government can be trusted with transportation, and so the only exemption to the transportation ban should be government-run and government-regulated transportation industries, like public rail, or the taxi system.  It is only by doing this that we can ensure that no one is needlessly killed or injured in horrific auto accidents.