18 January 2013

The New Totalitarian State

Having spent a little more time thinking about something I wrote a couple of days ago, and having read this post by Vox and this post by Bill, I’ve come to the conclusion that America is the new totalitarian state.  Like Germany under Hitler, China under Mao, or the USSR under the Communist Party, America has pretty much devolved into fascism.  (Personally, I think America most resembles Communist-run USSR.)

No matter how you slice it, the federal government has nothing but contempt and hatred for the American people, and clearly wants a large portion of the American people to be dead, or else living in fear of death.  How else to explain this latest attempt at taking guns from the people.  As has been noted before on this esteemed blog, gun control does not make people safer.  Gun control has historically been a precursor to mass slaughter of citizens at the hands of the government.  Guns aren’t even all that dangerous, in the sense of being related to criminality.

If I, as a young, broke male need only a couple of minutes to discover that more people were killed with hammers than with guns in each of the last five years, or to discover that homicides by guns have been declining even after the assault weapons ban was lifted, then what possible excuse could federal politicians have for ignorance?  They have entire research staffs.  They can get direct reports from the head of the FBI.  They can have as much data and analysis as they (at taxpayer expense, of course), and have it more quickly than I ever could.  And yet, a good number of politicians appear to have opinions are even less informed than mine.

I say “appear to have” because I believe that, in this information age, there is no plausible way for politicians to be ignorant of the issues.  Thus, their supposedly ignorant opinion is nothing more than a charade to throw detractors off the scent of their evil intent.

The American government is the greatest evil in the world right now.  Assuming that the federal government is motivated by ignorance is simply ludicrous given that the federal government is the largest data collector in the world (think Facebook is intrusive?  The federal government is a thousand times worse.)  Assuming that the federal government acts in ignorance is simply foolish.  It is more logical to conclude that the federal government is simply evil.

During the cold war, the Communist government of the USSR was decried as being evil for locking its citizens up in jails without trial, for trampling on the rights of its citizens, for not allowing its citizens to leave the country, for trying to control other countries, and for a host of other evils.  Conservatives celebrate the fact the America brought down the USSR and its attendant evils.  What most fail to realize though, is that America has now become what it defeated.  The current “justice” system has the highest incarceration rate of any industrialized country, and most criminal cases never go to trial (even though citizens have a constitutional right to one).  The government harasses its citizens at every turn, and treats citizens as nothing more than idiotic meat sacks, too infantile to take care of themselves.  And now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to leave the country.  The federal government refuses to respect other countries’ sovereignty.  Every evil perpetrated by totalitarian regimes in the past is now the action du jour of the federal government.

America is officially communist.

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