27 February 2013

A Sterile Culture

No one has died from drinking raw milk in the United States in 50 years. Go ahead, Google it. And then Google the Swiss study of 16,000 children (Gabriela study) that revealed that children who drink raw milk are 48% less likely to have problems with allergies and asthma than those who are raised without it. Think about those numbers. How much would American mothers pay for a pill that reduced the chances of their children having these serious health problems by 50%? The drug companies would kill to have a drug like that.
There are 7 billion people on the planet, most of them raised on raw milk, yet the article quoted someone as saying, "Raw milk is one of the most dangerous foods in existence." Oh, come on. The CDC reported three years ago that 3% of all the people in the U.S. drink raw milk at least once a month. That would be about 10 million people. The CDC says only 200 people per year are made ill by raw milk.
If CDC researchers have time on their hands to publish reports, why don't they explain how we developed an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and asthma in the past 20 years while they were carefully watching over us? And tell us where all this gluten intolerance is coming from? And what happens to the 24 million pounds of antibiotics Big Ag puts into our food supply every year? And why are we now spending 18% of our entire economy on health care?

The American culture has become increasingly sterile.  Seemingly few people eat raw fruits and vegetables, or even cook with them.  The average supermarket dedicates far more space to highly processed frankenfood that has been zapped of its nutritional content (only to have nutrition chemically readmitted) than to real, fresh food.

Hand sanitizer—used to kill of bacteria, natch—is a popular accessory, and everyone and their mom has OCD about washing their hands every time they might possibly come into contact with the slightest hint of a germ.  Kids are discouraged from playing in the dirt and mud, and instead have super-clean indoor play rooms where they can play in a sterile* environment.

The crusade against raw milk continues in the grand tradition of assuming that nature is out to kill you.  You can’t simply cook and eat meat directly, you must first pasteurize it and process it.  You shouldn’t eat fresh fruits and veggies for they are covered in dirt, bugs, and even germs.  Don’t play in the sun because it will give you cancer.  Despite the fact that humans have lived on the earth for thousands (or, if you prefer, millions) of years, many people seem to believe that untreated natural things are the deadliest things ever, and therefore you should avoid fresh food, untreated milk, and direct sunlight.  How did our ancestors ever survive nature?

This push for sterility manifests itself in a lot of ways, but it would that the most obvious manifestation of sterility is the fact that Americans are literally becoming sterile.  Or are at least having fewer children.  When a nation accepts the sterile, antiseptic tenets of modernity, it cannot help but die off.  And truly, there is a no more fitting end.

* Of course, being cooped up indoor actually puts you at more risk for illness because it’s actually more difficult to escape aerial bacteria and viruses since they can’t disperse. But I digress.