06 March 2013

Boys and School

Stereotyped as "naughty," boys quickly learn that they are thought of as dumber and more trouble than girls. And that has consequences. "When boys aged seven to eight were told that they tend to do worse at school than girls, they scored more poorly in reading, writing and mathematics tests than those who were not primed for failure. And telling children aged six to nine before a test that both sexes were expected to do equally well improved the boys' performance." But the message that boys get is that they're not as smart.
The way boys are treated in K-12 also impacts how they do with regard to college. According to a recent study of male college enrollment, it's not academic performance, but discipline that holds boys back. "Controlling for these non-cognitive behavioral factors can explain virtually the entire female advantage in college attendance for the high school graduating class of 1992, after adjusting for family background, test scores and high school achievement." Boys are disciplined more because teachers -- overwhelmingly female -- find stereotypically male behavior objectionable. Girls are quieter, more orderly, and have better handwriting. The boys get disciplined more, suspended more and are turned off of education earlier.
Female teachers also give boys lower grades, according to research in Britain. Female teachers grade boys more harshly than girls, though, interestingly, male teachers are seen by girls as treating everyone the same regardless of gender. More and more, it's looking like schools are a hostile environment for boys.

The irony in this, of course, is that males are considerably more inclined towards academic pursuits and accomplishments.  Treating male behavior as a problem is thus literally anti-progress, as males have historically been responsible for the bulk of civilizational development, and scientific and technological progress since the beginning of time.  Thus, the feminized culture of public school is literally socially retarding.

At any rate, I think the solution to this problem is pretty simple:  take your boys out of public school.  Also, make sure they spend as much time with their father as possible.

To elaborate further, there comes a point in a boy’s life where he should be raised and trained by men instead of by women.  It would appear, based on the anecdotal evidence excerpted above, that once boys reach the age of seven or so they should start spending considerably more time with other males instead of with women.  I would hypothesize that by puberty (roughly 11-13), boys should definitely be spending the bulk of their time away from the retarding influence of women, and in the presence of men, especially their father.

As a side note, the whole egalitarian concept of coed schools is simply stupid.  It has historically been the norm that the sexes remained generally segregated.  Men had their own sphere and women and had their own sphere, and the two rarely overlapped, though they occasionally intersected.  Women were responsible for training and developing younger women and girls; men were responsible for training and developing younger men and boys.  While women were generally tasked with taking care of infant boys, it should be noted that ensuring that an infant male doesn’t die before puberty is not the same as actually training him, or even civilizing him.  And while women may domesticate their young children, this should not be viewed as being the same as civilizing or training them.

At any rate, it should be clear that egalitarian theory of society has completely failed, in that it has yielded to feminism, and has given women many roles to which they are not suited.  Consequently, the result of giving women the task of raising and training boys is leading to disastrous consequences, and future historians may well look upon this era as one of the most foolish and self-destructive eras of humanity, for in subjecting boys to women, we have sown the seeds of or future downfall, and the reaping will grim indeed.