06 March 2013

Yet Another Reason To Homeschool

A California high school student was shocked at what she found when she decided to play detective and stop a string of thefts from backpacks during gym class.
Justine Betti said she decided to hide in a locker to see if she could catch the thief in action. She didn’t expect the alleged culprit to be her gym teacher.
After all of the students left the locker room, the teacher stayed behind, rummaged through backpacks and took money, Betti said.

It’s been well-established that public school teachers are morally degenerate lot, what with their tendency to engage in pedophilia and ephebophilia.  But now it turns out that their moral degeneracy extends (pardon the pun) to simple theft as well.  It’s almost as if the public school system was designed to destroy society by taking children from their parents and training them to conform to a morally corrupt authority without question or reservation.