10 July 2013


I suspect, given the correspondence that I’ve received over the last couple of months, that some of the few readers I have remaining may be interested in knowing why my writing dropped off so radically in the last two to three months.  As can probably be guessed, I’ve had some big changes in my life.

Roughly three months ago, I began the process of moving from Fort Wayne to Louisville, which I completed when I finally took out a lease slightly less than two months ago.  I’ve finally got settled in, by which I mean that I finally have internet access, as well as all of my books.

I’m painting full time now, and since it’s summer, that means I’m extremely busy with work.  There was even a point in time where I was working from sunrise to sunset for six to fourteen days at a stretch.  That’s over for the time being, but my schedule remains relatively unpredictable, which is how I like it.

As can also be guessed, I’ve been on the road quite a bit in the process of moving, and that’s finally died down.  I’ve also started to cut back on my social obligations so I can write more.

But there have also been some structural changes in my life that have cut down on the time I spend writing.  I started learning a couple different instruments about eighteen months ago, and practice and learning take up quite a bit of my free time now.

I also decided to focus on more personal writing, so a significant portion of what I’ve written in the past several months has been left unpublished, at least for the time being.  I might publish some stuff later, but I’m not sure yet.

I also started seriously dating a girl about nine months ago.  It has been extremely interesting,* and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there’s no denying that I often made the choice to go on a date instead of writing for four or five hours.

So that’s what’s different with me.  I’m in a new city, working a couple new jobs, living by myself.  I’ve found new ways to occupy my free time, and I have new directions and plans for life.  However, I still love writing, and I hope to resume my normal writing schedule, once I get caught up on the backlog in my RSS feed.

In the meantime, if I have any readers in Louisville, or have any readers who live within a reasonable driving distance of Louisville, who are interested in meeting up with me, email me and we’ll make something happen.

* Someday I’ll tell the story about us nearly getting arrested while on a date.  Or the one where we watched a drug deal in a park at eleven o’clock at night.  Or the one where mall security tried to bust us for climbing a snow mountain.  Or the story of how we met (Teaser: it was at an elementary school).  Someday.  Maybe.