20 July 2013

Leftism is Dying Out

A dozen protesters ran through the streets of Westwood Thursday night, ending in at least one arrest.
The small group gathered at the Federal Building on Wilshire Boulevard for what was billed on social media as the Smash White Supremacy Fun Run, organized to protest the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. They jogged en masse as they traveled east on their planned run through the neighborhood at about 7:45 p.m.

Only a dozen people showed up to smash white supremacy?  It looks like America has regressed, especially since one of these brave souls managed to get itself arrested.  It’s like the Jim Crow era all over again.  Next thing you know, whitey is going to be lynching “uppity negroes” since only a dozen people are willing to defend the defenseless blacks from those evil, racist white men, and a dozen men just aren’t going to last that long against the deep-seated and well-entrenched racist machine known as America.

More realistically, it looks like the media completely failed to convince the choir to whom it was preaching that the Trayvon Martin incident was about white racism.  And if the leftist media can’t even convince its own that the Zimmerman-Martin affair was about white racism, how can it possibly hope to convince its detractors?  At least reality is now shining through, which means that Leftism is now on its last legs.  Of course, this is just the calm before the storm, since readjusting to reality is generally quite painful.  “Diversity” coupled with credit contraction and the accompanying recession it will inevitably bring is going to be unpleasant for rather obvious reasons.