02 September 2013

Rank Hypocrisy

That’s no doubt what the cheerleaders of Countryside High School in Clearwater, Fla., are saying to the news that their uniforms violate the school dress code and they can't wear them to class on game days, according to a story from WFTS-Tampa.
Officials at the school, which is located in the Tampa Bay area, are telling the students that their school-provided cheerleader uniforms should cover shoulders and the skirts should reach midthigh.

So, what’s inappropriate for school hallways suddenly becomes appropriate on the sidelines of a football field on a Friday night?  That’s apparently what at least one public school seems to believe.  Instead of, you know, being consistent and either altering the school code or the hem lines of cheerleaders’ dresses, the school just waffles on the subject, at least for now.

What I find most intriguing is how the school will basically acknowledge that one’s dress does have some bearing on how one is treated by others, and that one’s dress (or lack thereof, amirite?) can actually be distracting/disruptive.  This is all very obvious to anyone with common sense and the ability to observe the world honestly.  However, the school seems to forget this understanding come game time.  Obviously, sporting events are a little different from academic settings, but I still don’t see how it’s okay for completely grown to be able to leer at underage girls in revealing outfits, but it’s not okay for underage guys to do the same in a classroom setting.  I guess it just goes to show how fucked up society is when it comes to thinking intelligently about male and female sexuality and age.  Of course, that’s not really news.

Other obvious lessons apply:  coed academics is stupid, homeschool your kids or die, don’t let your daughter be a cheerleader, don’t let your daughter dress like a slut and then parade around a bunch of grown men, society is hyper-sexualized, etc.  Same stories, different day.