10 December 2013

How to Prepare for the Coming Aristocracy

Make damn sure you are not withholding or otherwise paying the IRS more than your actual taxes due.  Present law does not permit them to sue, seize or lien your property to get the "fines"; all they can do is send nasty letters and dock refunds.  So don't have one.  (Caution: This will require monitoring, as you can bet they'll try to change that part of the law eventually.) [Emphasis original.]

Financial reality will eventually catch up with the current state of affairs, and so it will become necessary for the government to seize property in order to make good on its promise of unlimited health care all the time for everyone.  It will take a massive amount of resources to ensure that everyone can get medical care, and those resource will have to come from somewhere, otherwise people won’t receive treatment.  As such, it is highly likely that there will eventually be rationing of some sort, since resources aren’t unlimited.  It is also likely that the government will have to take more resources from people in order to give them extra health care.  I imagine that it will eventually be the case that the IRS will be permitted to seize property to get the fines for non-compliance.

What this means is that America will have effectively shifted from a market-based democracy to a command aristocracy.  Or, to be more blunt, ownership is effectively dead.  If the government can take whatever it wants from you in order to raise revenue, then you don’t actually own anything.  That being the case, the best way to stick it to the government once America becomes an aristocracy is to avoid owning things.

Ideally, it would be best to be a member of the aristocracy so as to enjoy all the nice shit in life, as well as all of the benefits of being elite.  But the second-best alternative is to rent from the elite and make them compete for your allegiance.

To put it in more practical terms, it is better to rent things from a major company than to own things yourself.  In doing so, you ensure that the government can’t take anything from you (because you don’t own anything, you are merely renting it).  You also ensure that you have an advocate among the powerful if anything goes poorly for you because, say, renting an apartment form a major real estate company ensures that if the government does try to seize what you’re renting, you’ll have someone pleading your/their case.  By renting your living space and most of your possessions, you ensure that the government won’t get too zealous in prosecuting you because that means less revenue for the big businesses from which you’re renting.

If the aristocracy does come to pass, the best thing to do is make sure that the aristocratic elite are competing amongst themselves for your loyalty.  Understand, though, that this means you don’t really own anything, even yourself, nor does this preclude the government from turning totalitarian.  However, your best chance of wealth and success, such as it is, hangs on you paying people for the privilege of using what they own.  You may not be wealthy or enjoy a high standard of living, but you can get away with shirking your taxes because there will be very little recourse for your actions.  Just make sure to work under the table or for straight cash.