24 February 2014

Equality in Real Life

Via Yahoo!, here’s a hilarious example of what happens when a woman plays a man’s sport:

There are a couple of other videos at the link worth checking out, but this one is my absolute favorite because the female running back gets absolutely destroyed on this play.  She doesn’t just get knocked down, but goes flying back a couple of yards because she’s so much smaller and slower than the opposing linebacker that basic physics just takes over.  At any rate, this should provide about as conclusive of an example that you can find to demonstrate that, no matter how you slice and dice it, men and women are not equal, and it’s not even close.

When you think about it, though, this lack of equality is just fine.  Since I’m not gay, I have no interest in having sex with men, even female men.  I’d much rather have sex with a woman.  Beyond that, though, there are a lot of tasks and roles that women are simply better suited for than men, and I’d much rather see women be women and do womanly things than strive in vain to become as men.

More to the point, a society of all men would be brutal and hellish.  A society of masculinized women and feminized men wouldn’t be much better.

It would simply be best for men and women to bow to biology and fill the role that is theirs by nature. Let the women be feminine and the men be masculine, and let’s stop destroying women by encouraging them to fruitlessly pursue masculinity.